imaxxwealth Planning

We Believe In The Value Of A Wealth Plan

imaxx wealth advisors focus on your personal and financial goals. They conduct a comprehensive review of your current situation, examine your needs and develop an all-inclusive plan to help you attain your goals.

Your Three Step imaxxWealth™ Solution

Step 1 - Discovery

The wealth planning process begins with a thorough review of your current financial situation, including an assessment of your investment portfolio, insurance coverage, tax liabilities and retirement funds. Determining your short and long-term goals and risk tolerance is the final stage in the discovery process.

Step 2 - Planning

After reviewing your overall financial situation, and identifying any potential conflicts between your goals and their attainability, your wealth advisor develops your unique comprehensive written plan. Your plan will contain specific recommendations and actions necessary for you to achieve your financial objectives.

This step may include consultations with tax and investment specialists to ensure that appropriate strategies and financial products are utilized.

Step 3 - Implementation

Once you have given your consent to the proposed plan, the establishment of an ongoing process to monitor and manage your investments begins.

You should review your wealth plan with your wealth advisor, at the very least annually, to ensure that economic changes or changes in your financial situation are addressed. It is also necessary to review your plan should you have any major life changes, such as marital status, a dramatic change in income, an inheritance, or starting a family.

Please consult your wealth advisor for information about the specific benefits to you from establishing a wealth plan.